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Notes on OpenVPN Obfuscating

This is a work in progress. I would very much like to make a GUI for the windows version of obfsproxy, and a better wrapper for Ubuntu.

Below is weekend muse which works, but IMHO rather hackish'ly.

obfsproxy is included in the default Ubuntu Trusty repos now (although a bit out of date). It contains the pluggable transport obfs3.

apt-get install obfsproxy

# Default OVPN port: 1194
# Obfs3 port: 8443

obfsproxy --log-file obfs.log --log-min-severity=info obfs3 --dest= server

There isn't any recent packages for Windows, but thankfully the binaries are included by default in the Tor Browser Bundle (which I ripped from).

Windows binaries:

Signature via "Mark Lopez (Authority) 4096R/FEF78709"

# Connect via socksv5
#  with host server:8443

obfsproxy.exe --log-file=obfsproxy.log --log-min-severity=info obfs3 socks