3D Models

These some of the models I've made over the years as I learn Fusion 360 in my spare time.

Fun-Sized Master Spool (Parametric)

Model preview.

Another fun-sized master-spool to match the party-sized Prsua spools. And parametric... because I can.

EIBOS Cyclopes Accessories

Model preview.

An accessory pack for the EIBOS Cyclopes (handle, mount, and a M6 washer).

Zigbee Door Sensor Mount

Model preview.

A slightly over engineered mount for a TuYa TS0203 Zigbee door sensor.

CyberPower Surge Protector Mount/Bracket

Model preview.

A simple bracket to mount a CyberPower Surge Protector (model P704U) under a desk.

Disposable Gloves Dispenser

Model preview.

A durable dispenser to hold disposable gloves (parametric).

YAS - Yet Another Bed Scraper

Model preview.

There's a lot of scrapers on printables.com - but this is my version.