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Ceph Feature Missmatch with Kubernetes

Kubernetes + Ceph


I needed a better backing storage system for my Kubernetes cluster - I am done with NFS (so many problems). In the end I decided I'll go for a Ceph cluster after being rather impressed by the feature set.

So I got a Luminous Ceph cluster deployed and everything was working (after fighting with the beta external storage features, no more custom Kube Controllers, yay!). Then I tried to actually get a test deployment up, but I kept on seeing the following errors on my nodes:

libceph: mon0 feature set mismatch, my 106b84a842a42 < server's 40106b84a842a42, missing 400000000000000

I originally thought it was due to running Luminous (the ceph provisioner that I was using targeted Jewel) so I created my own image with Luminous binaries. Same message as before, no change from what I could tell. My next idea was the image format was to new (stupid thought in retrospective, shrug). No change on that error message.

Looking deeper into the error message (which I should have done before). This error occurred from a monitor after image construction, but before image mount. The error was complaining that the feature flag 400000000000000 was missing support by my client. This feature turns out to mean basically CRUSH_TUNABLES5 with the following requirements (Google is great at this):

v10.0.2 (jewel) or later
Linux kernel version v4.5 or later (for the file system and RBD kernel clients)

And that's my problem. I'm assuming that Kubernetes is using the kernel module to mount rbd's, but my nodes are running Ubuntu 16.04 with the following kernel:

4.4.0-96-generic #119-Ubuntu SMP Tue Sep 12 14:59:54 UTC 2017 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

This leaves me with 3 options to fix this:

  • Upgrade the kernel (I rather not)
  • Get Kubernetes to not use kernel rbd (not sure where to even start)
  • Update the feature flags to not require flag 400000000000000

Turns out the last one is really easy to do, Ceph really is enterprise ready. Running the following on a node finally got my image to mount within a pod.

ceph osd crush tunables hammer

Hammer (CRUSH_V4) being the version of CRUSH before Jewel (CRUSH_TUNABLES5).