Just another Weblog for the masses.


I write code because I find it fun - I love experimenting with new and emerging technologies. Below are projects of mine that I've used as use cases for exploring some of the new technologies that I'm interested in.


File repository server with versioning support. Created with automatic CI deployment in mind - similar to Nuget. Written in C# using Owin Self-Hosted and Nunit. Completely compatible with Linux and Mac under Mono.


Basic text message editor for point of sale (POS) displays. Written in C# using COM ports and WPF databinding.


Easily pipe standard output to other users across the Internet with end-to-end encryption. Backend written in C# using Owin Self-Hosted, MongoDB, and Web API 2. Frontend using the crypto library Forge, jQuery, and Bootstrap.


Graphic tablet pen highlighter - a rewrite of PenAttention. Written in C# using P/Invokes, WPF, and a bunch of all tricks to get it working.

Slightly Ghost

A simple, minimal theme developer for my Weblog - powered by Ghost for Node.js. Written using Handlebars, Grunt, and LESS.


A CI server that I'm hosting for no real reason. Currently it builds and tests my blog and my Slight.FileDB project. It runs under Linux, but builds C# projects (makes a lot of sense). If you need a build server for an Open Source project, feel free to contact me.