I write code because I find it fun - I love experimenting with new and emerging technologies. Below are projects of mine that I've used as use cases for exploring some of the new technologies that I'm interested in.

TODO: Update, really old.


Basic text message editor for point of sale (POS) displays. Written in C# using COM ports and WPF databinding.


Easily pipe standard output to other users across the Internet with end-to-end encryption. Backend written in C# using Owin Self-Hosted, MongoDB, and Web API 2. Frontend using the crypto library Forge, jQuery, and Bootstrap.


Graphic tablet pen highlighter - a rewrite of PenAttention. Written in C# using P/Invokes, WPF, and a bunch of all tricks to get it working.

Slightly Ghost

A simple, minimal theme developer for my Weblog - powered by Ghost for Node.js. Written using Handlebars, Grunt, and LESS.