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Who am I?

Hi, my name is Mark Lopez. I am a programmer, a hacker and a computer scientist. I love technology, beautiful code, playing with gadgets, and the freedom of the Internet. I can currently be found in Dallas, Texas.

I am an alumni of Neumont University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. I can program in Java, C#, C++, JavaScript, and read a dozen others. I've since specialized in C# running under .Net and Mono. I am very excited about the future of C# with the coming of ASP.Net 5, .Net 4.5.2, Roslyn, Signalr, and others - now Open Source project's - written in C#. With C#'s future ability to run on all architectures and platforms, using completely native machine code, who can't be excited!

This Blog

This blog is a semi-recent project of mine. I've spent hours-on-end fixing my own problems - I thought I might as well share the outcomes of my time. This is actually the third incarnation of this blog. I wanted to completely design-from-scratch a website, so I proudly chose Ghost as a framework, then built up.

Every pixel on this site, every line of style in the source, was painstakingly created by hand. Even the server this blog rest upon was diligently set up by myself. I hope this weblog, in time, becomes a reference to some and an enjoyment to others.

Social Media

I can be found at Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. I'm also active on GitHub and SuperUser. You can verify my publicly-auditable identity via Keybase. Feel free to message me on my personal email (beware of my aggressive anti-spam filter).

Public Key

DC75 80D8 0D67 53DC F209  2A54 37F1 A037 FEF7 8709